Atomic Perception

To get the plugin, download the Mesh Foot Windows installer. Aprox. 2.9Mb

The Poser To Max Remedy

Mesh Foot is a 3DS Max plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate exported .3DS or .OBJ mesh sequences into existing scenes without re-animating, re-boning, or re-skinning anything.

This unique concept allows you to treat an imported mesh sequence as if it were video footage, simplifying the integration of Poser mesh exports into 3DS Max. Each Mesh Foot object has it's own Out-Of-Range Setting, Scale and Time Stretch updating within the scene as you scrub the timeline.

Work Flow

Work Flow in the Mesh Foot system is similar to many other Helper based systems such as Reactor, CAT-Chacter Animation Tools or Dreamscape. Once you get the hang of it, is a breeze.

The first thing you always do is create a Mesh Foot Parent. The Mesh Foot Parent is located in the drop down helper list of the create TAB in 3DS Max.

A good thing to do in a Mesh Foot scene is to set the length of the animation early on before you add a bunch of managed meshes. 3DS Max seems to generate a lot of internal time change calls when you alter the length of an animation, if you have a bunch of managed meshes in your scene, you'll get a lot of redraw when you alter the animation length until you dismiss the dialog.

Once the Mesh Foot Parent has been created you switch over to the Modify TAB and use the various buttons of the helper to perform various Mesh Foot tasks.

When you are working with managed meshes, every time you move the time slider, each locator is evaluated and the managed mesh is updated. This can slow down work flow if you are working on a non Mesh Foot part of your scene. The Auto Update checkbox in the Mesh Foot Parent rollout is very useful for disabling managed mesh update while working on another part of your scene.

Turning Auto Update off is also a great way to view your animation in a more real-time. All the managed meshes will turn into statues, but you can see the effects of them moving along paths and any animated deformations that you may have applied.