Atomic Perception

To get the plugin, download the Mesh Foot Windows installer. Aprox. 2.9Mb

The Poser To Max Remedy

Mesh Foot is a 3DS Max plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate exported .3DS or .OBJ mesh sequences into existing scenes without re-animating, re-boning, or re-skinning anything.

This unique concept allows you to treat an imported mesh sequence as if it were video footage, simplifying the integration of Poser mesh exports into 3DS Max. Each Mesh Foot object has it's own Out-Of-Range Setting, Scale and Time Stretch updating within the scene as you scrub the timeline.

Who would use this plugin?

Architects who want more realisticaly animated people and shadows in their fly-bys or fly throughs.

Film Makers who want to leverage the full power of Poser and motion capture for virtual stand-ins in scenes.

TV Effects Animators who are facing extremely tight deadlines and just need to get their shots done.

Broadcast Animators who want the ease of animated people and animals available without the hassle of becoming a character animator.

Character Animators who want to speed up their work flow.

Anyone who has a need of getting their finished Poser animation into a 3DS Max scene.

Why is this plugin better?

This plugin is better than all other Poser to 3DS Max solutions because it allows you to take your completed animations directly into 3DS Max and start rendering immediately. Most standard Poser People look good enough from a distance that they can be used in architechtural visualizations with out any additional texturing.

Other solutions require you to do the animating work again once you have imported your Poser mesh or file. This plugin eliminates that step thus increasing work flow and saving time.

Mesh Foot is better than Pro Pack because it is a real 3DS Max object, not a bulky port of Poser into 3DS Max. I personaly had problems with it crashing, corrupting my scenes and not casting shadows properly.

Mesh Foot is better than Gesture because it transfers the animation and the mesh, not just the mesh like Gesture does. This is highly important because after you have imported a Poser object using Gesture, you still have to animate it.

Mesh Foot is better than pCharacter Import because, once again, you have to re-animate your object after the import. pCharacter Import also only supports a limited subset of Poser characters to begin with. If your character is not on the list, you can not use it.

Mesh Foot is better than Real People or billboard style bitmap solutions because you have a real 3D-mesh that the camera can view from any angle. Also, shadow casting is much improved because you have a real mesh to work with.

How do I get it?

Simply download and run the installer. Mesh Foot runs in demo mode until you aquire a license. All functions except material assignment are available in demo mode so you can really get a feel of how it works and if it is the right tool for you.

How much does it cost?

Mesh Foot is for U.S. users, there is an annual license.

To purchase Mesh Foot simply download and run the installer. Inside 3DS Max click the DEMO button at the bottom of rollout of the Mesh Foot Parent. You may have to use the grabby hand to pull up the About group in the rollout.