Atomic Perception

To get the plugin, download the Mesh Foot Windows installer. Aprox. 2.9Mb

The Poser To Max Remedy

Mesh Foot is a 3DS Max plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate exported .3DS or .OBJ mesh sequences into existing scenes without re-animating, re-boning, or re-skinning anything.

This unique concept allows you to treat an imported mesh sequence as if it were video footage, simplifying the integration of Poser mesh exports into 3DS Max. Each Mesh Foot object has it's own Out-Of-Range Setting, Scale and Time Stretch updating within the scene as you scrub the timeline.

Your First Scene

1.) Reset 3DS Max

2.) Click the Create TAB and then the Helper icon.

3.) Click the dropdown and select Mesh Foot from the list. This will give you a button called mf_Parent in the Object Type group. Click this button and then click once in any viewport. A spindle will appear and controls of the Mesh Foot Parent will become active.

4.) Click the Create button and browse to your 3DS Max root folder, then to the Meshes folder. If you completed the first tutorial, there will be a folder with a mesh sequence there. Open this folder and select the first frame of the animation.

This horse mesh sequence runs in place, so to give it motion, we will create a path that the locator can move along.

5.) Use the middle mouse wheel in the top view port to zoom out a bit then create a path in the Top viewport.

6.) Attach the Mesh Foot Locator to the path by creating a Path Constraint. Click the Motion TAB then open up the Assign controllers portion of the rollout. Click Postion then the little question mark button to pick a controller type. Click the Add Path button and select the path you just created.

Click the play button and your horse will move along the path. The movement will probably be very chunky and not in real time. Because the Mesh Foot system uses your disk drive as if it were RAM, the bottle neck of the system is the speed of your hard drive. Never fear, however, when you render the scene all will be smooth and real time.