Atomic Perception

To get the plugin, download the Mesh Foot Windows installer. Aprox. 2.9Mb

The Poser To Max Remedy

Mesh Foot is a 3DS Max plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate exported .3DS or .OBJ mesh sequences into existing scenes without re-animating, re-boning, or re-skinning anything.

This unique concept allows you to treat an imported mesh sequence as if it were video footage, simplifying the integration of Poser mesh exports into 3DS Max. Each Mesh Foot object has it's own Out-Of-Range Setting, Scale and Time Stretch updating within the scene as you scrub the timeline.

Locate The Helper

The Mesh Foot helper is the first object that you create to gain access to all other Mesh Foot functions. Locate the Create TAB and then select the Helper icon. The word Mesh Foot will appear in the drop down list. Select it.

Before Parent Create

After you have selected the Mesh Foot helper from the dropdown list, a mf_Parent button will appear.

The Mesh Foot Helper Rollout

After clicking the mf_Parent button, it will turn yellow and the rollout will appear. There is a standard Icon size group, a Create Locator group, a Replicate Locator group, an Auto Update group and a Render Group.

Until you actually create a mf_Parent helper, the Create, Pick, Replicate and Render buttons are greyed out. There is a note to remind you that you only need one Mesh Foot Parent in a scene.

Creating The Mesh Foot Parent

Click in a viewport and a Mesh Foot Parent object will appear. This object is non-renderable so you don't have to worry about hiding it for final renders.